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For decades, grad photos in Canada have been posed cap and gown photos. I am inviting you to experience a grad portrait session that is more personal, more fun and more memorable!  

For this one day, I want YOU to look and feel like a celebrity. Not necessarily the way the world sees celebrities, but the way your families and friends do... the way your communities do.. the way I do.  

What could a session like this mean to you? to your parents? to your grandparents? to your future self? And maybe one day your children? It will be amazing to have these photos to look back on... you at this huge milestone in your life, ready to take on whatever comes your way. Every parent will want to have a grad album of their proud graduate that they can show off... and you will want one as well!

Let's CELEBRATE YOU. Contact me today to book YOUR one of a kind session with the one and only.... WillowBee Photo Art. 




This elite collection is coming soon and will be available for 2020 grads! Limited sessions available. Stay tuned for details!



Be a trendsetter with extraordinary grad portraits that will leave you looking and feeling like your very own celebrity! 

  • cap and gown photos

  • grad dress or suit and tie photos

  • casual outfit

  • photos of you doing something you love; this could be sports, music, your pet, the outdoors...

  • a reveal session that will take place at my studio. SEE HERE for details.


what our clients say...

WillowBee Photo Art

My daughter completed a photo shoot with Judy – WillowBee Photo Art. It was one of the most positive experiences my daughter has ever had. Judy was kind, punctual and well prepared. She took the time to plan the perfect location and helped us to arrange a hair and make-up session, as my daughter and I are very new to this experience. We did not feel rushed in anyway, even though I knew she had other arrangements that day. Judy took the time to explain to my daughter everything that they were going to do. Judy helped my daughter with clothing choices and was very patient in between outfit changes. She was also very good about taking photos that my daughter requested that she wanted. She made my daughter feel very special. Judy was willing to go above and beyond to ensure this experience as a whole was the best it could be for my daughter.

Thank you so much for everything. You were so professional and thoughtful, and adventurous! You gave us over and above our expectations. We are so grateful.
amazing grad photo, prince george

Working with WillowBee Photo Art was

such an amazing experience! Not only is

it a confidence booster, she has the talent

of making it into a memorable experience!

Before the photo shoot, she wanted details

of what I like to do, and so she was prepared.

For example, she knew I liked to read and

relax outside, so I have this amazing picture

of myself in the hammock with a book!

When we went to her studio, it was so

professional, very classy! She had a beautiful

display and served coffee.

The pictures are really amazing. When I saw

them, I knew it would be worth every penny!

You kinda get to know yourself a little better

too. She made me feel so beautiful.

WHY WillowBee Photo Art?

From the day you first contact me, you will realize that I am more than just the photographer that shows up with a camera. I want to get to know you and what is important to you so that I can create images that are meaningful to you.

I believe that grad photos should be more personal, more fun and more memorable than posed cap and gown photos. This is your time to shine! The grad sessions I offer will empower you as you celebrate this milestone in your life. 

And just on the "am I legit" side of things, Yes, I am fully licensed and insured. Yes, I am experienced. And YES I look forward to working with you!

WillowBee Photo Art, grad images

Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever... it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.
— Aaron Siskind