There's a hole in my backyard!

It’s happening!!! 

There’s a big hole in my backyard, and huge piles of dirt. Most people might not be as ecstatic about this kind of chaos as I am. I look outside and can’t stop smiling. It’s really happening! 

Of course my kids (and their friends) are happy because big holes and piles of dirt are definitely the best playground ever. They have had so much fun running around with bare feet and jumping from the trampoline to the “mountain”. They even made a dirt slide. My hubby has made multiple trips carrying dirty kids from the back door to the shower. Ha 

I’m excited now; but to be honest, the first thing we had to do to make this happen was a little heartbreaking. We had beautiful trees in our backyard, and I have always loved them. I didn’t want to lose ANY of them. Sadly, we had to make a tough choice to move forward; at that time, it was more bitter than sweet.

The company we hired for this job was Bednesti Tree Services. I had never heard of them before, but would highly recommend them. They showed up when they said they would. They did the job efficiently; and they cleaned up the mess. All in all, a great experience! Except for the sadness of losing beautiful trees. 

I saved something special from the trees and will be doing  a future post about that!!

I feel I should also make a disclaimer… all the images in this post were taken with my iPhone. Yes, I have one of those. And yes I use it. :)